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Club of Russian Culture HEBA

HEBA was founded in summer 1999 to proceed and coordinate activities of HUT russian language students and Russia enthusiastics. Aim of the club is to advance knowledge of Russian culture and thereby get it closer to non-Russians by organizing excursions and other events. The name of the club - HEBA - a proper noun in Russia is the name of the river flowing through St.Peterburg.

The beauty and decadence, poverty and prosperity, happiness and melancholy of Russia and Russian way of life are fascinated by many. Magnificence of tsar period, art treasures and heritage of Soviet Union - only about a few hundred kilometers from capital of Finland.

Excursions organized by HEBA are not only to gather some experiences but also to advance understanding of Russian culture. The foundation of HEBA was motivated by successfully executed excursions to St.Petersburg which are in the future schedule, as well. Also more through explores of hidden abysses of Russia might be expected from HEBA as Russia is a country of wide extent...

Come and and join us!

You can reach the club administration via E-mail: heba-osoite